My Canadian adventure

Over the last 9 days I have been working  with producer and drummer John Raham here in Afterlife Studios in Vancouver.
We have recorded 11 alt. country / Nordicana songs ( in English) that I have written over the past couple of years. 
I started writing these songs back during covid lock down and promissed myself, that when all this (covid) was over, I would travel with my songs. I have acted on that dream of recording an alt country album in North America. It's been a great experience, and some truly great musicians (Darren Parris, Chris Estrin, James Meger and Jeremy Holmes) have lent me their tallent and play on one or more of my songs, for which I am very gratefull. The Pedal Steel and hat belongs to Scotty “Steel” Smith who playes on all songs one one or several guitars.
I still have to do all my choir parts and a couple of other adds here in Copenhagen but all bed tapes and a lot more, is done. I will go back to Vancouver to mix in the fall.  You will hear more about this album later on.

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