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Tone of Voice Orchestra - Live June 2024

"Der er vildt og vildt anderledes musik i sin befriende blanding ..... Musik der rammer dig i hjerte og sjæl" (

Tone of Voice Orchestra at Halkær Festival. This was our first Live show in 6 month. As you can…

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Yet another album on the way

I know full Well I have many musical projects going on at the same time. But life feels shorter by the day, so I just can’t sit back and wait..this one is in my mother tongue Danish. We started recording…

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(Febr. 12. 2024) New Podcast VÆRINGS MUSIKLYTTERI

Podcast language: Danish. 
This post will continue in Danish.


"Værings Musiklytteri" tager nu en ny form. har nemlig givet mig en platform, hvorfra jeg kan dele min begejstring for al den musik, jeg går og finder. Der… Read more

Tone of Voice Ochestra - Live

To those of you who didn't catch Tone of Voice Ochestra Live these past months

As seen through the lenses of our fans' smartphones. 

This is a short compilations of our favorite…

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Tone of Voice Orchestra last week at Vega

We had such a good time these last couple of nights at Vega and Toldkammeret. And thanks to everyone who came. We felt so so loved. Hearing the crowd singing along to “He Loves Her for It” was grand! 
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