Trinelise Væring Band 2018-

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Tone of Voice Orchestra 2022-

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TOne of Voice Orchestra - Live

Oh Purity -In Watching Landscapes. Documentary for DR-K 2014

Offpiste Gurus 2008-2016

Offpiste Gurus with Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra

This concert was a very special experience. The songs in this playlist are all recorded by the Lithuanian national television back on July 27th 2013. My then musical home away-from-home-band Offpiste Gurus, which I co-led with Fredrik Lundin, had the fantastic exsperience of working with Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra/Klaipeda Kamerinis Orkestras. We'd been invited by their artistic director and cello Mindaugas Bačkus.   In Offpiste Gurus there were only 4, so it was a very special feeling to have the sound of our songs extented with all those  classical instruments. To sing when the violins "sung" with me, was such an incredible feeling. I hope at some point in my life, I will get the chance againt to sing with a big classical orchestra.

Umanérlig / Lystfisker2008-2011

Oh Purity Live on Wundergrund festival 2010