welcome to my brand new website

I am a singer & songwriter, composer, lyricist and guitarist. I make podcasts, teach songwriting, review and write about music for several platforms. I work PR for my colleagues, and I even run my own label, where I release some of my albums, primarily the ones in my native tongue Danish. 

I find music infinitely fascinating and over the years my curiosity has driven me to work with many different genres and different kinds of bands. 

They always tell you to keep your website simple. That is just not possible for me, since I have several bands and projects going on and the same time and I am also very proud of some of my older work. 

If you just want info on one particular band or album, just have a look at the menu, and you will most probably find what you need.

My website opend Febr. 1, 2023,  so there at still things missing here and there, which you will probably find if you come back in a month or two.

Photo:Tuala Hjarnø

Photo:Tuala Hjarnø