New Video for "Kom hjem til Mig"

Tone of Voice Orchestra: Here is a new video for the song “Kom Hjem til Mig”.

It is the last song on our album, and the reason we post this now, is that the the otherworldly beautiful vocal you hear at the very beginning of the song, belongs to Ania Rybacka, who is rejoining the band for the concerts here in September. 
Ania is one of the original TOVO vocals who was with us from the very beginning, back in 2017, but hasn't been with us for a long while now. Too long it feels.
So we can’t wait to sing with her again. 
When you hear “Kom Hjem til Mig”, you understand why.

“Kom Hjem til Mig” is the only song on our album with a specific Scandinavian reference. This being a cow horn signal from the north of Sweden. Back in the days it was used to call the cows back down from the mountains. Fredrik stumbled on it on a cd compilation for music anthropologists. That cowherd melody you can hear an impression of once Emma’s violin comes in.
If you come by our concerts next week, Wednesday 27th at Vega, and Thursday 28th at Toldkammeret in Helsingør, you will among many other songs, hear this. 
The video is made by Fredrik Lundin from footage taken at Kalvebod Fælled and Pinse Skoven.

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