New website For Trinelise Væring and Tone of voice Orchestra

I know it looks like I am pretty relaxed. However I am working hard on my new website. 
THE BAD NEWS: I'm not done. (Jan. 11.2023)
The GOOD NEWS: It will be ready for you very soon, at the latest Febr. 1st

Until then: 
News and liveshows regarding TONE OF VOICE ORCHESTRA please visit the Tone of Voice Orchestra Subpage on Fredrik Lundin’s website 

Shopping for Tone of Voice Orchestra VINYL & CD
From any territory find TOVO on
Shopping/Shipping inside Denmark 
For any of Trinelise Væring’s release as well as Tone of Voice Orchestra,
Mobile pay or bank transfer is possible. 
For details: write to trinelise @ (remove spaces) 

I look forward to welcoming you on my new website in February 1. 2023
Till then 
 Happy New Year 

Trinelise Væring